Monday, January 14, 2008

Guilty As Charged

It's always interesting to see who reads this site. Tonight I followed a backlink and found a blog called "People With Animal Heads." At first I thought it was a Flaming Lips homage, though I quickly realized from the subhead that it was, in fact, about "the music and culture of the Midwest." Very cool. Well, in a post made this Saturday, the blogger named "Christopher Animalhead" had this to say:

"I've also been discovering all of these other Midwest music sites. The only problem is that they don't really focus on their own towns, in favor of doing reviews of national bands. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm trying to learn about the Midwest Music scene, not Radiohead."

I checked out the other two music sites he mentioned, and I think it's safe to say that we're the culprits here. Thanks for the link love, Mr. Animalhead, though I won't apologize for our unabashed love for Radiohead. We are absolutely positively insanely in love with the band forever and ever amen.

P.S. Mr. Animalhead, perhaps you would be interested in our new Thursday feature, which puts the spotlight on our local music scene. Long live Lawrence, Kansas!


Christopher Animalhead said...

Hey there, my site is all about documenting the current Midwest underground indie rock scene. I'll definitely check out your Thursday feature.

SonicRyan said...

Nicole - Amen indeed, sister, and I like that you had links for all 14 words.

Christopher - Honestly, we recognized that we weren't really covering the local scene very well, and we're adjusting as a result. Perhaps we can combine our efforts in some fashion? Keep reading, stay in touch, maybe we can meet up some time, say, at a Radiohead concert in St. Louis? ;)