Friday, January 18, 2008

Love Garden Changes Ownership...Sorta

I ran into my old Joyce professor Katie Conrad yesterday, and her multi-pinned Love Garden bag prompted me to ask how the business was going. (Her husband Cory Willis co-owns the much beloved Lawrence record store.)

Or should I say co-owned. Conrad told me, a little sadly, that her husband had sold his half of the business to fellow co-owner Kelly Corcoran.

"Don't worry, it's still going to be locally owned," she said.

And Willis is no sell out, either -- he just wanted to be a full-time stay-at-home dad with the couple's newborn. Conrad said she still hoped everyone would give LOVE to the Love Garden. When I told her a few of my friends alone could probably keep the place in business, she said, "Please thank them for me." There you have it, guys. Your love for the Love Garden hath been reciprocated.

Random Love Garden memory: Check out this picture I took whilst relieving myself in the LG bathroom during a 24-hour reading of Joyce's Ulysses. All of a sudden, what I thought was a closed door opened, and in walked this cat (Jack, I believe), which promptly started helping itself to the leaky faucet. Those damn felines think they own the place... (Suddenly I'm reminded how, when another of the store's charmingly obese cats passed on -- Cayenne -- my professor sent an obituary to the English Dept's listserv. And wrote a story about it. And Lawrence residents were genuinely distressed! I love this town.)

For the "Record" (Haha): Much of that Ulysses reading took place in the LG's backroom, and I just want to say that I was, at one time, left alone amongst piles of rare EPs and imports (many bearing the tantalizing name of a certain R-band.) If only I had zero conscience -- but then I love Love Garden too much.


Hackworth Artifex said...

The Love Garden is great. I made their tv commercial a while back, and, oddly enough, it featured the feline residents prominently!

I recall the last album I bought at Love Garden was Plaid - Double Figure. "New Family" rocks.

SonicRyan said...

Cayenne was my favorite Love Garden cat. S/he used to get all sweet with me as I perused the recent used CD arrivals. I even bought the button bearing his/her likeness. I miss that poor kitty...

Girlfriend said...

I can't thank Sonicryan enough for introducing me to the grand establishment that is LOVE GARDEN. Such a fitting name as many who sift through their ever changing selection love music. Besides the occasional great find* those "charmingly obese" cats are my favorite part of Love Garden. Music and cats, what more do you need?

*In reality this occurs every time I enter the store.
Perfect example: C is for Cookie by Cookie Monster and The Girls. This album contains both the funky and the sweet versions of the song.

Kathryn said...

I feel cool now, being name-checked in a blog. And continuing to be associated with Love Garden, which I still believe to be one of the best things in Lawrence. Kory and I remain frequent visitors.

But I must correct this horrible slander on a dead cat: Cayenne, rest her soul, was charmingly willow-thin, not charmingly obese. Lulu, on the other had, like Jack, was charmingly obese. And insane. Kandy was old and charmingly cranky. Ah, RIP, kitties. The new crowd, especially Sam and Mickey Roy, are wonderfully cool. If you haven't met 'em, do.

Brad Shanks, Blood on the Waller and Love Gardener, gives Jack some love via his list of Blood on the Walls favorite records. Amongst my favorite lines:
"He still bites kids and cant see, but his meow sounds like the spirits of lost lives over thousands of years." Check it out.