Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coachella Announces Its Lineup...And I'm an Ungrateful Bitch

So, the powers that be released the full 2008 Coachella Lineup today, and the Sunday pull-out-all-the-stops headliner is...wait for it...Radiohead? MBV?

No, you fool! Roger Waters!

To be sure, there are some pretty amazing bands playing, including Portishead headlining Saturday night (Woohoo!), and The Verve in next-to-biggest font on the Friday lineup (Wooohooo!). Plus we can't ignore Animal Collective, The National, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Hot Chip, M.I.A., Jens Lekman, Les Savy Fav, Architecture in Helsinki, Akron Family, St. Vincent, etc. etc. etc.

And hearing Dark Side of the Moon performed would be pretty incredible, I SUPPOSE.

So why am I boohooing? I guess I was just holding out for something sweeter.


SonicRyan said...

Portishead aside, this is a weak crop of headliners. Jack Johnson, are you fucking kidding me?!

Mandy♥ said...

I hardly care that much except for Portishead. I like alot of the other bands but I'm not going to crap my pants for any of them. The headliners, other than Portishead, are not that impressive. Sigh.

Hackworth Artifex said...

That's a lot of opening bands for a Portishead concert. ;-)

panopticon said...

Yeah, Saturday looks like my legs would fall off from dancing (Kraftwerk, Sasha/Digweed, MIA, Hot Chip, Junkie XL) then I would collapse into an emotional wreck (Death Cab, Portishead).

Friday and Sunday, it mostly looks like they would fall off from walking around trying to find something interesting to watch (aside from Animal Collective, MMJ, and Justice).

Either way, if I went I would return a legless bloody mess, so I'll probably just stay here where it's (relatively) safe.

There's some good under-the-radar electronica on this bill though... Battles, Deadmau5, and Diplo are all good and Pendulum is crazy sped-up video game dnb...