Monday, January 28, 2008

The Weekend in Music: New Tunes, Wakarusa 2008, Concert Wishlist

Just because we weren't posting doesn't mean we weren't obsessing.

From Chamber Pop to Dubstep
The best thing about being slow on the draw with a new artist is that you don't have to wait so long for a follow-up. Take Swedish crooner El Perro del Mar. Where was I in 2006 when her debut LP was released? Never mind; I'm making up for it by grooving on her upcoming album "From the Valley to the Stars" (April 22). Apparently Jens Lekman had a hand in getting this brooding young talent noticed, and his influence is apparent on first-leaked single "How Did We Forget." Are those horns I detect? Might Miss Assbring (yes, Assbring) be recovering from "this loneliness" after all?

Other new music updates: I'm enjoying the new Hot Chip quite a bit, though I'm a bit surprised by the direction the band's taking. The new material is less dancey, at least in that house-y type of way. Stay tuned for my full review next week. I'm also getting more into that Burial album. About time, right? For now I'm equating them with The Field, what SonicRyan would call "dance music on your terms" (or in this case, dubstep on my terms). Also, Stephen Malkmus' newest is intriguing, though I haven't really given it an earnest listen. I'm going to get on that, right now.

Wakarusa Follow-Up
Thanks, Backdrifter, for clueing us in to the fabulous addition to this year's Wakarusa Festival: The Flaming Lips. I am lamenting the fact that plans to move the festival to private
grounds were rejected. Something about not having the "infrastructure" to handle the festival. As one reader commented on a June 2007 LJ World article, "If it moves to private land, the Wookies come back." Isn't that what Wakarusa is all about, though? Hippies, free love, overpriced psychedelics? Seriously, though, some of the reader comments on these stories are pretty good.

"'Keep your dirty hippies over in Douglas county.'


The World"

My favorite:

"Maybe if they had the festival, Jefferson County could get a stoplight."

Can Someone Get Me Tickets to This?
Pollstar has posted a story about Grizzly Bear performing with the LA Philharmonic March 1. The concert will consist of "orchestral pieces specifically chosen to reflect the music that inspired Grizzly Bear to pursue their own musical endeavors" followed by Grizzly Bear performing a full set. Incredible. Even more incredible? Tickets are a measly $24-$34 ($10 for students!). Now if there weren't that plane ticket to mess with...

I'll leave you with this image GossipGrrl sent me.

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Gossip♥Grrl said...

Hurray! I'm glad you are getting into Burial. I really feel like I need to listen to more dub...I think that's what I would call it.
Danny has almost convinced me we need to go to Wakarusa this year. I just hate the price!
I'm almost through the Hot Chip album. I like it but I don't know what I think of it yet.