Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is This Guy Gay or Straight? Depends On What Channel You're Watching

Ordinarily I don't pay much attention to commercials. Unless of course, they're accompanied by a fine tune (as of late, The Shins, The Flaming Lips, Rogue Wave, Junior Boys, Iron & Wine, Architecture in Helsinki, and of course, Feist and Of Montreal).

Recently I've been keen on a Levi's commercial starring this fine fellow here, who discovers that pulling up and down his pants can literally shift the tectronic plates around him (typical guy realization). If he yanks up his pants hard enough, a hot gal in a phone booth will burst through the earth's hot magma core and straight into his bedroom. All set to the breezy backdrop of Peter Bjorn and John's "Up Against the Wall."

Last night I was watching a certain guilty pleasure of mine on Bravo when this commercial came on. Once more a hot babe burst through the floor, albeit a decidedly different one. Just see for yourself.

If you're watching anything but Logo or Bravo, you get this babe:

If you're watching Logo or Bravo, you get this babe:

I think someone should inform PB&J about this split ad (if they don't know about it already). Not because they should have a problem with the gay ad -- because they shouldn't -- but with it being two ads and all, shouldn't they get paid twice for their song rights? I'm just saying.


panopticon said...

If those pants can literally move tectonic layers, you would think they would come with some sort of gender-selector switch.

On a related note, I was kind of bummed out to hear Justice shilling for Cadillac.

We've come a long way from the concept of "selling out." Turns out, "selling out" really stands for "buying food and paying bills because nobody buys albums anymore."

Sellouts. REAL artists don't need food or material possessions, just tortured self-loathing and a muse.

SonicRyan said...

I don't get to watch a whole lot of TV with the 5 channels we get, but I've seen that commercial with Justice about a thousand times in the past two weeks. I did, however, hear a Cyann & Ben song on Criminal Minds (the one with Greg from Dharma and Greg) the other night during a mulling over the evidence montage. It was, uh, interesting, but it did succeed in making me go straight to my room to listen to the album.

panopticon said...

That just reminds me of that montage song from Team America.

..if you want to make time go really fast, you need a montage!