Monday, January 21, 2008

The Weekend in Music: Yo La Tengo, Velvet Underground, The Simpsons

This weekend it was off to Springfield, Missouri, for some Yo La Tengo, catching up with friends, and of course, Chipotle. There's nothing like a road trip in the dead of winter: sleeping on the floor all drunken-college- years style, fighting a mysterious Africa disease (wait, that was Girlfriend), eating blueberry-pancake-wrapped-sausages (wait, that wasn't me, either.) Plus, there was some bitchin music.

And Then My Beer Bottle Turned Itself Inside Out
I was intrigued by the idea of seeing Yo La Tengo in an art gallery, and an art gallery named Randy Bacon Gallery at that. We suspected this was to be a low-key, acoustic-type YLT. For the most part this was the case, though they did rock out at the end, as I shall show you when my enormous videos upload.

Upon arrival at the Bacon Gallery, Backdrifter went to secure beer. He came back whispering, "Free beer, for as long as it lasts." Not just any beer, either, but 312. The downside? Once the free beer was gone (which was quickly), that meant ALL the booze was gone. Unless, of course, you went to the women's restroom before the show and were offered swigs from a bottle of Hypnotiq -- thanks, ladies! Still, who I am to complain about FREE BEER?

Etc: That is not a picture of a penis hanging down. Though I'm not sure what is is.

...And free beer/YLT is connected to The Simpsons because Homer likes Duff Beer, and because YLT are big Simpsons fans...

Simpsons Nerds, Take Note
I hath captured the following, recorded in a city called Springfield, no less.

...And YLT is connected to VU because YLT played the band in I Shot Andy Warhol...Can someone help me connect The Velvet Underground with The Simpsons?

I'm a big fan of The Velvet Underground & Nico ("Femme Fatale," anyone?), yet somehow had never heard the band's fourth studio album Loaded until this weekend. Let me just say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This just goes to show me, once again, that I am a baby in the world of music appreciation. Just give me a few more years...

Etc.: There was a strange moment listening to the Peel Slowly and See bonus tracks when I heard a demo of "Ocean," which up until that time I knew only as an Ambulance Ltd. song. For shame! As I said upon making this discovery, "I knew that song was too good to be theirs."


Girlfriend said...

Blasted bacteria! At least I got to hear three of their songs before I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, again. "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House" was the third song...thanks YLT for some great exit music.

Joshwa said...



Hackworth Artifex said...

Sounds like fun. I was never a big Yo La Tengo fan, but that has more to do with a certain ex-gf than their actual music.

That's some good concert footage ya got there. I'm impressed!