Friday, January 11, 2008

First Listen Friday:
Give These Three a Spin

Range Life is at it yet again. In this weekly post I'll share some new music that I've stumbled across recently. Nothing makes desk work go by faster than being able to crank up the headphones to some Internet radio.

Now you can listen, too, with our nifty new audio player. Enjoy!

(Picture: Ravens and Chimes)

The Octopus Project – "I Saw the Bright Shinnies"

This group out of Austin creates a whole universe in this eerie yet uplifting electronic track off their third album.

Low – "Breaker"

Released in early 2007, this chill song starts with a simplistic beat and, well, keeps that simplistic beat. A nice listen.

Ravens and Chimes – "General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone"

This up-and-coming band from New York is sounding promising. Listen to a few more tracks on their Myspace and you’ll see what I mean. Try “This Is Where We Are.”


Femme Fatale said...

There's nothing like some slow-core on a Friday morning... Actually, I've heard Low years ago but didn't much care for them. I'm diggin this song though.

SonicRyan said...

"Breaker" was my favorite song off Drums and Guns.

Mandy said...

I love most of Drums & Guns...My favorites are: Murderer, Breaker, Take Your Time, In Silence, Violent Past...okay done. Haha.
I checked out the Octopus Project not very long ago. I like but keep forgetting about them!
Haven't heard of Ravens and Chimes...I will check it out, yo! :)