Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Never Gonna Wipe My Butt": Mystery Revealed!

Remember back in October when I wrote a post titled, "Tim & Eric + "My Butt" + The Shins" = What?"? Googling these search terms brought up a ridiculous video of the Shins performing a bizarre song called "Never Gonna Wipe My Butt."

At the time I said,

"Adult Swim, I don't need your help finding videos of indie-popsters singing about wiping their butts. What I need from you are new Tim and Eric episodes."
Well, just color me corrected, because Adult Swim IS showing new episodes, and on the most recent one, the original version of "Never Gonna Wipe My Butt" was shown. If you are a fan of Tim and Eric, this won't faze you. If you're not, beware.

At the end of this same episode, viewers were treated to a clip of The Shins playing an acoustic version of the song in the Tim and Eric studio, followed by Tim and Eric shaking their heads and saying, "I don't think it's gonna work."

I disagree: if nothing else, the song might have added some pep to Wincing the Night Away. Ouch...


Girlfriend said...

I have great respect for the environment. I enjoy trees and the furry animals that inhabit them but some habits don't need to be broken... I prefer to remain sanitary when it comes to my rear end.

Femme Fatale said...

I wonder if they wrote this skit in response to Sheryl Crow saying people needed to minimize the amount of toilet paper they used to one square?

Anonymous said...

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