Saturday, September 29, 2007

In Other Radiohead News: This Guy Should Be Shot


So, yesterday morning PF posted the doubtful story, "Something Maybe Possibly Radiohead-Related Possibly Maybe Happening Saturday Morning, Maybe Possibly?" Anyone who knows me knows that something "possibly maybe happening" regarding Radiohead is enough to grab my attention. Apparently a countdown of sorts had been posted on, a site I don't even want to give any more visitors, but I feel compelled to cite for the sake of journalistic integrity (I'll have the last laugh and remove the hyperlink, bwooohaha).

So this morning I hopped on over to said site and saw that some fucker had removed the countdown and posted the following: "The Most Gigantic Lying Hoax of All Time. I'm NEVER GOING TO RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU. How to RICKROLL 21,232 people at once." 21,232 people and counting, of course. Now wait just a minute: No. 1, this is a hoax? Ok, fine. But, No. 2... is that a Rick Astley quote? You are going down.

What I really don't get is that on the comments page, everyone is applauding this guy, saying, "I love you," "ha," "I salute you," and my personal favorite, "Greate job man!" WTF???

I could blame Radiohead for being so secretive and cryptic and shit and thereby enabling such hoaxers, but I don't. I blame this Rick-Astley-lovin' bastard. Now I will slink back to my cave and anxiously await any further maybe possibly maybe Radiohead-related news.

COMING SOON - Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem live pics!!

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