Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fuck Buddies

The Record Bar fucking rocks. The bar that has brought The Fall, Battles, Do Make Say Think, Deerhunter, Radio Birdman, Low, Man Man, Junior Boys, Califone, and Asobi Seksu (just to name a few, and I really mean a few) to Kansas City already has some killer shows lined up for next year.

For starters, there's Health (pictured left), a band that's been buzzing for a little while now. A cursory listen gave me the impression that these guys were like Butthole Surfers on acid, which doesn't make sense considering the Butthole Surfers were on acid. Further listens indicated a heavier Industrial and Jesus and Mary Chain influence, but what do I know. I think I like their racket, that's all that matters. Head over to their MySpace page and decide for yourself, then catch them in concert on February 18.

Then there's Black Mountain, the Canadian stoner rockers that supposedly put on one hella good live show. They have a new album, titled In the Future, coming out January 22 on Jagjaguar. The show takes place March 20, which gives us all plenty of time to grow out our hair before the show.

But the biggest, baddest show of all is the triple bill of Holy Fuck, Fuck Buttons, and A Place to Bury Strangers (pictured right), who apparently did not have to change their name to A Place to Fuck Strangers in order to be added to the bill. Surprisingly, APtBS is listed as the opening band, even after all the Pitchfork hype they've received (so far) this year. Then again, I once saw Holy Fuck at the Jackpot opening for Beans (and acting as his backing band), and they completely stole the show despite having to play to a fair amount of hip-hop heads that were probably not expecting their noisy, looped sound collages. I have no doubt that they'll be perfectly capable headliners. Besides, their debut album, released earlier this year, is pretty decent in its own right. This show takes place March 8, but could very well sell out before then. You've been warned.


The Moon said...

I'm really surprised you did a feature on these bands??? HAPPY! but surprised!?!? I mean, you've never seemed all that into the noisier acts?

Actually! Though its not at the RecordBar, it should be mentioned that the Liars/No Age are actually coming to town Feb 2nd as well...

The Moon said...

Oh, yeah! What up with this "supposedly put on one hella good live show"? You saw Black Mountain back in 05 at the Jackpot? Or atleast I'm pretty sure you were there????