Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chan Marshall and the Case of the Mystery Mole!

As most of us know, Chan Marshall, the woman behind Cat Power, has finished recording a CD of covers called Jukebox, which was released this Tuesday. (See Femme Fatale's post below.)

Harp Magazine discovered something quite interesting involving the cover art for this new album while they were working on their January issue.

The beautiful Chan has a good sized mole upon her left cheek. This mole has not existed before live or in previous photographs. See Before & After.


As also cited in the Harp article, I think it does fit the 60s pop art cover design of the album.


I don’t know about you, but I think a good placed mole can definitely be intriguing.

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Femme Fatale said...

Hahaha. I kind of dig it. Even if it is FAKE!

CP is pretty damn fine either way, I must say.

cole said...

P.S. I think that Harp article title is misleading. When it says, "Mystery Solved!" I thought they were, you know, going to solve the mystery. Like, she'd admitted to it being fake, or she'd come down with some sort of horrific (yet sexy) skin cancer.

Gossip♥Grrl said...

Yeah, I get what you mean! They didn't actually solve anything. But yeah, mole or no mole, Chan is gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chan!! You are definitely a beauty and your fresh take on the new Hottiedots! fun and glam beauty marks is totally cool!!

Creator of Hottiedots! brand beauty marks

panopticon said...

I would be far too tempted to create obscene messages and just be like, "oh yeah, that's weird, my moles grew in to say 'eat me.'"