Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'Loveless on Mushrooms' ?- Sign Me Up

Deerhunter's Bradford Cox has posted a mixtape of the initial Cryptograms' recording session (You remember, the one he railed on his ex-producer about. Honestly I don't even know what was said, other than the session sucked. Still I keep hearing about it.)

In a P4k interview Cox referred to these sessions as "Loveless on mushrooms... and I mean that in not a complimentary way." Wait up -- how could that not be complimentary? In any event, Cox resurrected the material, patchworked it together, and made this mixtape.

Side A sounds a lot like the ambient Cryptograms tracks gussied up a bit. I haven't listened to Side B yet, but apparently it features a pretty gnarly Half Pint and the Fifths cover. I mean gnarly in a complimentary way, of course.

So it's true? That whole cassette thing is coming back into vogue? Apparently some guys out of Brooklyn calling themselves Fuck It Tapes were responsible for producing this Cryptograms mixtape, which you can purchase on their site for $8. Or you can just download it for free from Bradford's blog here.

Isn't it cool to know even the big stars use Blogger?

P.S. Deerhunter may be taking a furlow, but don't forget that Atlas Sound album is coming out February 19.

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