Friday, January 4, 2008

My Little Corner of the World

“You feel like the unappreciated scholar, so you shit on those who know less than you.” "No." "Which is everyone." "Yes."

By Nicole Pope

In college I wrote a weekly column for the school paper called “Common Cents.” My beat was to write about, as you might guess, consumer issues. I was less than thrilled with this assignment, though I was able to write about everything from used CDs to thongs to psychics. (Incidentally, I recently Googled my name and found the aforementioned thong story still floating around the net. Good to know I’ve had such an everlasting presence in the world of journalism.)

Anyway, what I learned from having this weekly column was that no matter the topic, I loved inhabiting my own little space in the newspaper each week. And ever since I started writing for this blog, I’ve dreamt of my own column. Thanks to the magic of positive thinking and a nifty graphic, I have succeeded. Way to go, me.

So now I can say goodbye to consumer issues – though a few might come up from time to time. These days I spend much of my time listening to music. Much too much of my time, I’d say. So I might as well keep writing about it, right? Recently I read someone saying blogging is the ultimate act of narcissism: to think people would care to read your inner thoughts and musings. Well, let’s just put narcissist on the list of Nicole’s shortcomings. I’m sure I’ll let you in on a few more in time.

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