Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check This Shit Out!
P4K Love and More

Just a few minutes ago, I was perusing theTimes New Viking Guest List that was posted on Pitchfork to see if they had any interesting anecdotes about their tour with Yo La Tengo. They did mention the tour, but what I found even more interesting is that they plugged Lawrence, Kansas' very own Love Garden Sounds! Honestly, its about time. Love Garden is a pretty bad ass record store, with a great selection and very affordable prices to boot. Congrats to them on their first (from what I can recall) Pitchfork mention, and thanks to Times New Viking for the plug.

Speaking of Kansas and Pitchfork, former Kansas natives Blood on the Wall received a very favorable 7.8 score/review from the online publication on Monday, upstaging the venerable Chan Marshall and receiving a Recommended status (which is just below the coveted Best New Music status). Blood on the Wall have two "homecoming" shows in the next week, the first on Tuesday with Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, and the second on Wednesday at The Record Bar with The Jim Button Band (which yours truly hopes to attend). Swing by one of the shows and congratulate them on their good reviews, and don't forget to pick up the album, Liferz, which is out now via The Social Registry.

Speaking of Baby Birds..., remember my last Check This Shit Out post where I talked about the big CHOMP WOMP COMP to-do at the Jackpot? Well, the compilation is available for FREE at the CHOMP WOMP site, and I HIGHLY recommend you high tail your little ass over download it. The Panda Bear-esque "Eating With Horse", by Baby Birds, is a highlight, as is the instrumental "Tracer" by Oregon as a Shape (Gaurav Bashyakarla of Boo and Boo Too) and "Bong Rips With Burial" by DJ Iggy Baby's project, Norrit (which wins the award for Song Title That Best Describes the Range Life Staff on a Saturday Night, and is so good we're streaming it on our player).

Lastly, The New Amsterdams have a show at The Record Bar tomorrow (Friday) night with Making Movies, and Ad Astra Per Aspera is playing a benefit for the Gadugi Safecenter out at the Jackpot in Lawrence. Fuckin' rock!


Femme Fatale said...

HA! This post cracked me up for some reason. Are you sure you didn't take any bong rips before writing it?

Girlfriend said...

I've been wanting to see The New Amsterdams...Hmmm...perhaps I will attend that show tomorrow if my clinical doesn't kick my ass, if...

I remember being fond of a song by The Jim Button Band. Don't ask me which one because, you know me, I am not good with song names. I think it was number 2. Yeah, thats right, number 2.