Friday, January 18, 2008

First Listen Friday:
The Voom Blooms, SM&J, Elvis Perkins

Here are three more tracks in my second installment of First Listen Friday. Rock out to the first two and slow things down with the third.

The Voom Blooms - "Thoughts of Rena"

These Brit rockers are just getting started. Tons of energy is packed into this song. Listen for the false ending going all "Obstacle 1" with competing guitars backed by wicked bass.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Dragonfly Pie"

The opening track from Malkmus' upcoming album Real Emotional Trash has your signature nonsensical lyrics and bad ass guitar solo.

Elvis Perkins - "While You Were Sleeping"

I've been obses
sing over this song for awhile. I heard it again recently and had to add it to First Listen Friday. Is it just me, or does someone playing a saw earn automatic bonus points?

Have a nice listen!

1 comment:

SonicRyan said...

I totally got the Neutral Milk Hotel vibe from the Elvis Perkins song, and not just because of the saw (though that helped!). Excellent song.