Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spoon Makes Good On Promise

So we were a little peeved with Brit and company for bailing on their 10/3 Lawrence show (that's a Tuesday) to play Saturday Night Live. Besides, we all know it's best to see a band when you're "in the glow" with their newest album, right?

Well, as promised, Spoon has made amends by making KC their first stop on their spring tour with The Walkmen and White Rabbits (4/2 at the Uptown). And even though Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga isn't exactly dewy behind the ears anymore, I'm still eager to see the guys rock one of their finest albums to date (lest ye forget it was our sixth favorite album of 2007).

Thanks, Backdrifter, for the good news!

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Girlfriend said...

I was at the shop the other day waiting to get my brakes repaired and heard about Spoon's anticipated appearance on the radio. I should have called everyone I knew but I was too bummed about the car. Oh well, the car is all better now and SPOON IS COMING TO KC! (Maybe Keepon will be there kickin' it in the audience.)