Friday, February 15, 2008

First Listen Friday:
DeVotchKa, Of Montreal, and The Helio Sequence

Friday blah blah Songs blah blah Turn it up blah blah.

My enthusiasm is there, trust me...just not my ability to find clever and thoughtful words. Just listen!

DeVotchKa - "Transliterator"

Off their upcoming album A Mad and Faithful Telling. These guys made waves after being on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. I'm looking forward to this release.

Of Montreal - "Jimmy"

Thanks to Femme Fatale for showing me this one. A M.I.A. cover from her latest Kala. This one is actually an old recycled song as PF explains. Groovin.

The Helio Sequence - "Can't Say No"

These guys are labelmates with Band of Horses and the vocals are telling. Recently released Keep Your Eyes Ahead has gotten a lot of attention on KEXP, the Seattle radio station that I'm completely obsessed with. Hit their live in-studio archives - you won't be disappointed.


panopticon said...

Helio Sequence are also from the fertile Portland indie scene.

Check out "Everyone Knows Everyone." A nice song for those days when you're just tired of dealing with people and want to go for a walk.

Gossip♥Grrl said...


I like Of Montreal's cover of a cover..(kind of). Haha.

I'm kind of diggin' on the new Helio Sequence too. I was totally obsessed with the song, "Let it Fall Apart", off of Love and Distance. :)