Thursday, February 7, 2008

Check This Shit Out!
Calling All Local Musicians

Would you describe your music as instrumental Broken Social Scene? How about Summer Sun-era Yo La Tengo? Well listen up.

Our friend Joshwa is calling all musicians to help create a soundtrack for Springfield's public access channel. Sure, it's not a gig opening for the Arcade Fire or anything, but everyone's gotta get started somewhere, right?

I'll let Joshwa give you the rundown.

"If you live in Springfield and have cable, then you are no doubt familiar with public access channel 25. You know, with the boring text and the gut-wrenchingly horrible elevator music? Yeah, that's the one.

Well, thanks to my powers of persuasion, I've been charged with programming in some new music.

Here's where you come in, dear readers.

I'm looking for as much original music as I can get my hands on. A definite preference will be given to downtempo, quiet or instrumental pieces so as to appease the school district overlords. I'm willing to consider anything sent my way, but the more appealing it is to general tastes, the more likely it is I'll play it.

What's the incentive, you ask? Hmm.. how about the ability to turn on any cable television in the city, flip to channel 25, and hear an amazing ambient mix that you helped author?"

There you have it, folks. If you want to get in touch with Mr. Joshwa, you can email him here. Let's make some (ambient) jams, people!

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Joshwa said...

Thanks, Miss N. :D