Monday, February 11, 2008

Mixtape Monday:
When Folk Gets Freaky

Freak folk. Psych folk. New Weird America. Whatever you want to call this wave of ambient, acoustic psychedelia, I dig it. And you should, too.

Nick Drake may technically be a part of Old Weird America, but you have to give props to the man who Devendra Banhart calls "a saint." Seventies folk maiden Vashti Bunyan officially joined the new psych folk movement when she paired up with Animal Collective on the third track here, "Prospect Hummer." Also, sorry if you're tired of this White Flight song. I have to give out the Lawrence love.

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backdrifter said...

Holy crap that was a good mix. Who is that Six Organs of Admittance? That track was great.
Oh...and I forgot how good Nick Drake was! This post should get a bump, because I think more people should get the chance to listen to it.