Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Iron and Wine - Live in Amsterdam

It's official! Amsterdam officially has more going for it than the legalization of marijuana! (I'm not serious. Please don't email me, all you Amsterdamians.)

Seriously, though, I've been waiting nearly a week for this Iron & Wine concert to finish "encoding." Well it has, ladies and gents, and it was well worth the wait. Skedaddle on over here and check it out.

Concert setlist (Check out that final song!):

1. Weary Memory
2. Buzzard
3. On Your Wings
4. Peace Beneath City
5. Innocent Bones
6. Pagan Angel
7. Boy with a Coin
8. Sodom South Georgia
9. House By the Sea
10. Devil Never Sleep
11. White Tooth Man
12. Upward Over the Mountain
13. Cinder & Smoke
14. Woman King
15. Wolves
16. Track 16 (?)
17. Resurrection Fern
18. A History of Lovers

This almost makes up for Mr. Beam skipping Lawrence/KC on his spring tour with Califone. Almost, but not quite.

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Girlfriend said...

I don't think Mr. Samuel could look more disinterested in that picture even if he tried. The poor fuzzy man looks so sad but his voice is so sweet.