Friday, November 2, 2007

Music Video:
Do Make Say Think - "A Tender History in Rust"

Remember my review for Do Make Say Think's show at the Record Bar last month? The one where I was at a loss for words and made a poor attempt at writing something poetic? Because that review did a terrible job of parlaying the true DMST experience, I thought I should share this video for you (though I must credit P4K since I stole it from them).

The video is of the band playing "A Tender History in Rust", from this Spring's underrated You, You're a History in Rust, in the middle of a field, with only themselves, a small (unseen) camera crew, instruments, cups, and trees to serve as the audience. The performance is part Austin, Texas, NPR affiliate KUT 90.5 FM's Take Away Show-esque "Retread Sessions". Past performances include YACHT and Shearwater. As for this particular performance, it's stellar. Do Make Say Think will be in Omaha on Firday, November 9th with Apostle of Hustle. Anyone else up for a road trip?

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