Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Little Blurbs:
Kevin Barnes - God of Commercials, Man Parts

Our Of Montreal review is forthcoming, we promise. (Just as soon as this 600-mb video uploads...) In the meantime, some band buzz to spike your senses.

Erroneous Escape Into Advertising

Even after all that flak they've received over that Outback commercial, Of Montreal has returned in a T-Mobile ad. This one not only features the band's music, but the band starring as themselves.

Two YouTubers exemplified my sentiments on the matter: "At least it doesn't rape their music like those outback commercials." And, "I love of montreal too much to hate them for this." I'll add one more thought to the mix. If making these commercials allows the band to put on a show like the one I saw Sunday night, then I can't complain too much. Hey, if Academy-Award winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones could sell her soul to T-Mobile, they must pay the big bucks, right?

Has the band "sold out"? Watch the commercial and decide for yourself:

Kev's Got More than Soul Power

I've talked with Mr. Barnes after two Of Montreal shows now, and both times our conversation has taken a turn toward the scandalous. Sunday night at Lawrence's Replay Lounge, after a brief discussion about his cerulean eyeshadow, I told Kevin (more or less) the following: "You have a great penis. I've seen it online, and it's amazing. A lot of people must tell you that."

"Not really," he said, smiling, maybe even blushing (or was that just blush?). I admit I was surprised by his response. Had Barnes turned bashful? The man who bore all at that Las Vegas show, which by now is as infamous as that Outback commercial?

Does Kevin have anything to be shy about? Check out his man parts and decide for yourself.

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