Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little Blurbs:
Who's the Big Winner in the Casino Tonight?

This week in music news there have been some shockers, mild surprises, and some stories that are just dang funny.

Loser #1: The Artist Formally Known as Having a Fan Base.

Apparently Prince is suing his three biggest fansites for posting "anything linked to Prince's likeness," primarily images and lyrics. (I shudder to think what he'll make of this little pic.) His fans (apparently they are out there) have vowed to join "Prince Fans United" -- fans somehow simultaneously united for and against Prince.

For some reason I'm thinking of that guy I made out with in college, the one I was thinking about going further with until that pant leg raised and I saw it, a half-femur-long Prince tattoo. Now the poor lout's got something else to feel rejected about, other than missing out on this hot bod.

Loser #2: Testy Twins.

According to Lawrence. com blogger Rogue Scarlet, things got a little hostile at last night's Tegan and Sara Granada show. During the encore Sara came out to perform an acoustic version of the band's notorious "Walkin With the Ghost." After a few attempts to sing over random bellows from the crowd, she apparently said, "Every other city in America has been able to do this." Someone cried out the song's titular line and she left the stage. Rogue Scarlet blogs, "A sold out crowd paid $20 a piece to see that. What a rip. Go back to Canada, Tegan and Sara."

How can I describe why I find this so humorous without coming off as a complete bitch? I think I'll just leave it at that.

The Big Winner: My Bloody Valentine, and, well, You.

After a few days of kicking round the blogosphere, this news is hardly earth shattering, but no less cool. Kevin Shields revealed in a recent Daily Swarm interview that two new MBV albums are impending, one as soon as this year! One allegedly compiles material from 96-97 era MBV -- the other hopefully new material (fingers crossed).

If true, I don't even want to imagine what this will do to the fragile creation that is my imminent Best of 2007 list.


panopticon said...

Dear Tegan and Sara,

Jack White co-opted your best song.

You should probably give up and go back to Canada. We like our Canadians quiet, stoned, and experts at curling.

Speaking of, we should start a curling team.

SonicRyan said...

I like my Canadians kinda rockin'. For real.