Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Have You Heard?
The Verve - "Sit and Wonder"

Good news, all you closet Verve fans (If you're thinking of The Verve Pipe right now, move right along.) Friday the britpoppers played their first show since parting ways after 1999's impeccable Urban Hymns. Below you can hear a track debuted at the Glasgow show. NME claims it sounds like Stone Roses. I think it sounds like, well, shitty audio quality. Still, the Nicole of yesteryear is all in a tizzy at the prospect of the album not sucking.

Visit the Verve's new site here. Long live the lanky Mr. Ashcroft, who according to that drunken Oasis clan "casts no shadow."


SonicRyan said...

One has to hope that a new Verve album will be better than those Richard Ashcroft solo albums.

Femme Fatale said...

OMIGOD I know. I mean, just because you don't have Nick McCabe anymore doesn't mean the lyrics have to go down the toilet.