Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Featured Concert of the Week:
Saturday Looks Good to Me

An old friend of mine once made fun of me for going to a Yo La Tengo show. True story. He called to see what I was doing that night, and I told him, "going to see Yo La Tengo." His response: "Why?" To his credit, he had (somehow) confused Yo La Tengo, one of America's best and most prolific bands, with De La Soul, the hip-hop band that was, and still is, long past their 80's heyday.

I bring this up because for the longest time I had somehow confused Saturday Looks Good to Me (pictured) with an emo band. Maybe it was the tours with bands like Saves the Day, I'm not real sure. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that I wrote off SLGtM because of a simple misunderstanding, and boy is my face red. This band is anything but emo, the genre, though I suppose they do have some emotional moments on their latest album, Fill Up the Room. If anything, SLGtM has more in common with bands with emotive singers like the Smiths or Neutral Milk Hotel, than, say, Fall Out Boy. Saturday Looks Good to Me will hopefully fill up the room at the Record Bar in Kansas City this Friday (insert joke about Friday looking good to me here), and you would be doing yourself a favor by attending.

Saturday Looks Good to Me - "(Even if You Die on the) Ocean" (mp3)
From the album Fill Up the Room (K Records)

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The Moon said...

Personally I think the featured concert of the week should have been Parts and Labor w/ Boo and Boo Too @ The RecordBar... even though it was a relatively early/short show it still managed to rock my very hung over socks.

...I find something about SLGtM's vocals annoying...?

I like the bit about the Yo La Tengo De La Soul confusion though =P

SonicRyan said...

Well, I wrote this Tuesday, and Parts & Labor was Sunday, and my philosophy is that it doesn't do any good to feature a concert that already happened. I am, however, open to ideas, especially ones involving ice cream. (That's twice today I've written about ice cream...checks freezer...success!)

The Moon said...

So does all this talk of ice cream mean you've been listening to a lot of Muscles too? I know Manik have been...

I really wish more people would have been able to attend the P&L show... dude, their drummer is fucking INTENSE!