Monday, November 5, 2007

Featured Concert of the Week

Road Trippin' Across the Midwest

Each week for the Featured Concert segment, I usually pick out one show that sticks out the most and write a bit about it. Maybe its the show I'm most looking forward to, the show with the most unique/eclectic lineup, or a way to give a band I like some (brief) attention. Not so this week. To pick just one show is impossible. Take a look at the calendar if you don't believe me. You can skip past Tegan and Sara, but that's about it. Robyn Hitchcock?!? In St. Louis! Are you fucking kidding me?!? The Thermals and Girl Talk (pictured) playing Mojo's on back to back nights! Talk about party time! And of course, there's the previously mentioned Do Make Say Think/Apostle of Hustle double bill in Omaha, where you will find at least a couple of Range Life staffers hanging out. Not to be outdone, Kansas City and Lawrence have several hot shows to offer, like Ghostface Killah, Black Dice, The Mountain Goats, and Regina Spektor. Regardless of what Midwest city you live in/near, there's surly something going on this week.

View the whole concert calendar.

1 comment:

panopticon said...

Saying Regina Spektor is a hot show is an insult to the burgeoning and otherwise very good KC/Lawrence music scene.

Seriously, WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO HER?!?!? She's in that netherworld somewhere below terrible and unlistenable.