Monday, October 8, 2007

Win = Puppet for Your Every Whim. Does Anyone Else Find This Creepy?

In its continued efforts to become The Next Radiohead, The Arcade Fire spent the past week hinting at a big surprise on its own cryptic site. Friday I heard the surprise involved a music video for what looks to be the band's next single, titular track "Neon Bible." These days I'm not a huge fan of music videos (bands still make those? just kidding) or the aforementioned track. Nonetheless, I thank Josh for sending me to the site to check it out. The "Neon Bible" video may not be as cool as leaking your own album, but it's still pretty experimental, considering it's INTERACTIVE! Now you, too, can control Win as if you were Haitian beauty Regine herself, making him douse flames with his hands and shit.

Note: I'd post the video here, but you'll have to visit the site to get the interactive version. Oh, and, be patient. Part of being cryptic includes making you wait through a little creepy looking countdown.

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Girlfriend said...

There's nothing better than throwing an apple!