Friday, October 26, 2007

Live Review: Architecture in Helsinki w/ Glass Candy, Panther

The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS - 10/25/07


Hey you! Yeah you, with the dirty mind. Read on...

Two rum and cokes, one cigarette and half a beer into the night I walked in on my new guilty pleasure, Panther. No, no I didn't walk in on them copulating with their eager fans but I did walk in on a very interesting scene. When I said, "guilty," I didn't mean it in the I don't want anyone to know I like these guys fashion. Instead, I meant it to portray how I felt slightly naughty watching their performance. Naughty, in the best sense of the word. As lead vocalist, Charlie Salas-Humara, romped around on stage the crowd commenced their own romping activities. The gyrating singer mixed with the beat power of the drums made for an excellent, energetic show. Panther, now a newly formed duo with the addition of drummer Joe Kelly, whipped out jerky, pop-rock conglomerations that, when mixed with coke, could potentially blow your head off. Their website,, made a keen observation stating that, "Charlie is Panther, and Panther is some mutant form of Charlie [+ one, Joe Kelly].

Glass Candy

If you're still looking for that perfect way to take off those stubborn extra pounds then I have the workout for you! Glass Candy, another dynamic duo, upped the bar for the evening's festivities. If you have feet or wheels, for those in wheelchairs, and are ready to shake your buns then you must see Glass Candy. Their show was the sensational blend of a classic jazzercise routine and rocking beats. Ida No and Johnny Jewel created their "freestyle" sound using only a synthesizer and a pair of bare feet. If you are what you eat then Glass Candy is a crystalline display of sleek, clean, sweet and tangy melodies.

Architecture in Helsinki

"Give it to me baby!" The "Hold Music" lyric rang true last night as Architecture in Helsinki took the stage. The Bottleneck in Lawrence suddenly transformed into a can of packed sardines. Hordes of loving fans, some too loving (see Side Story Below), came together to celebrate the Thursday night and listen to great music. The headlining band consisted of Cameron Bird, Jamie Mildren, James Cecil, Sam Perry, Gus Franklin and Kellie Sutherland. Following an act like Glass Candy, Architecture in Helsinki rose to the occasion and put on a display of eccentric and electric music. Their myspace page placed them in the "melodramatic popular song, ghettotech, jungle," music category. A suitable category indeed. Their set was upbeat, danceable, and ghettotech-fabulous. It made for a lovely evening.

Side Story Below
*This side story is based on true events. The names of some of those involved have been changed for their protection.*

Crazy Girl #1: Woo! I love Architecture in Helsinki. I'm drunk!
Crazy Girl #2: Hey you should jump on stage and show them how much you love them.
Crazy Girl #1: Okay.
Crazy Girl #1 proceeds to jump on stage and is immediately "gently" nudged off stage by Roady Man.

Kellie Sutherland: (to Roady Man) Hey we can't have crazy people jumping up on stage. That was like having a can of mixed nuts with no pecans in it--bad.
Roady Man: Ten-Four
Kellie Sutherland: (to Crazy Girl #1) Hey come here!
Crazy Girl #1: Okay.
Kellie Sutherland: Please, my dearest fan, in the future think before you leap. Thank you and good day. Oh yeah, and don't fuck with our equipment.
Crazy Girl #1: (looking at Crazy Girl #2) Now I'm drunk and sad.
Crazy Girl#2: Lets make a not so smooth exit from the front row and stomp on everyones' toes as we leave.
Crazy Girl #1: Okay.

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Femme Fatale said...

HA! I love the fakish-realish dialogue at the end there. I keep remembering Kellie saying to the drunk girl's friends, "She's ruining it for everyone." Don't we all just hate trashed people at shows... wait...