Monday, October 29, 2007

Live Pics: Architecture in Helsinki + Some Hot Openers

The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS - 10/25/07

Opening acts rarely get more than a side note in one of my reviews, as typically you can find me downing a half-bottle of Captain carside during the majority of the set. As Girlfriend noted in her recent review, however, Architecture in Helsinki selected the perfect complements to their jangly pop paroxysms. You won't need to be blitzed on booze to groove to Glass Candy and Panther (not to be confused with emo-rockers Panthers, vocalist/jirrating mo-fo Charlie Salas-Humara implored us post-show. "Sorry," he confessed afterwards, "I'm really stoned." It's cool, guy. You earned it.)


Writhing On-Stage:

Posing for Girlfriend After the Show:

Glass Candy's Ida No Climbs On Some Lucky Guy's Back:

Glass Candy Gets Groovy:

Ida No Says "Yes" to Joining the Crowd:

Architecture's Kellie Sutherland Sings "Wishbone":

Architecture Rockin' the Encore:

The Crowd Croons Along to "The Cemetery" (Note the Choir Boy-Esque Fellow):


The Moon said...

I really regret not feeling well enough to go to that show...

Girlfriend said...

Who is that hot brown chick?
That lady in yellow is mighty fine!
"Choir Boy," how I love thee...