Thursday, October 18, 2007

Something Besides Radiohead to Moisten Your Pantaloons? Some New Sigur Ros Should Fit the Bill.

Sorry to be vulgar, but this is Sigur Ros we're talking about. Last month we posted a snippet from the upcoming Sigur Ros documentary Heima. Now the band has posted a track from the accompanying album Hvarf-Heim on its Myspace. Although not recorded until recently, "Hljomalind" was born in the age of Agaetis, so I don't have to tell you it's good. Check out the track's uncharacteristic guitar, which fellow blogger Backdrifter aptly described as "not played with a bow."

According to the band's press release, Heima and double-disc "cousin album" Hvarf-Heim are set for release Nov. 5. The beautiful "Hljomalind" has got me intrigued with the release. It's also got me wanting a new "real" album.

P.S. I am an ungrateful bitch.

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