Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Spoon canceled next week's Lawrence gig so they could play Saturday Night Live. Yes, you read that right, our Wednesday night show was axed so Spoon could play New York on Saturday. Am I the only one who doesn't see how this adds up. I could understand canceling our Wednesday show for something like a Conan gig on the same night, but for SNL three nights later? Come on! Between Clap Your Hands... backing out on their midwest gigs for soundtrack work and now Spoon's New York vacation, it's as if the whole indie rock community is making a public statement that playing the Midwest is of no importance to them whatsoever. The band promises to come back in the Spring, big fucking whoop. Excuse me for not being excited, Spoon, but you see, I was looking forward to seeing you play NEXT WEEK, not next year, but try to have fun in New York (jerks).

In the meantime, I guess that means I can go see the either the Black Lips or Midlake, both bands, barring their own cancellation, have shows scheduled the same day as Spoon's former Lawrence gig. And to be fair, Spoon aren't totally ducking out of the Midwest, as their Columbia, Missouri gig is still on at the moment, as well as their Oklahoma City show. Apparently they just hate Kansas. And their bass player is from there. Perhaps he wasn't keen on coming home quite yet. Whatever.

Its only two in the afternoon, and I already need a drink.


Femme Fatale said...

FUCK!!! Playing free Lawrence show = +50. Canceling Lawrence show the week before = -150.

Girlfriend said...

BOO HOO! I looking forward to this show...I guess I'll just have to get drunk instead. Oh, well...