Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is It Wicked...

... to cancel a university course so I can attend a Blonde Redhead show? Ladies and gents, I feel a quiz question coming along. Unfortunately I wouldn't give a hoot about the results, as I'm going to Oklahoma City anyhow, and if it so be, to hell in a handbasket.

Perhaps I feel most guilty about the fact when I told my students class was canceled, I hinted at some dark, possibly murderous/liscentious/incestuous family tragedy as the impetus. So what? How many times have I been given some funeral pamphlet and been forced to consider, "Now did Grammy Opal really hose the horse, or was this little number devised on Microsoft Word? (Admittedly I never considered a third option, that Grammy Opal did die, and that her family members are cheapskates and/or poorly skilled at pamphlet design.)

Reading about the White Stripes nixing their latest tour today, I thought, to hell with it. If Meg White can tell her fans the band's canceling shows because she's got a case of the Icky Thump (aka anxiety), then I can tell my students I'm canceling class because of an incident involving certain damaged lemons (aka a BR show). Dear readers, anticipate a lovingly rendered review only an English teacher could pen -- if I can remember it.

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Joshwa said...


Saw them last night.

Don't miss their opening band. It would be a crime.