Tuesday, September 18, 2007


With a last name like "Bird" he had to do something special with his life. No ordinary paperboy or blacksmith...oh NO! Andrew Bird is a musician. This talented musician performed at The Granada in Lawrence on Monday night and captivated his audience. His latest album, I must admit, entertains but doesn't sustain it flare throughout. What Armchair Apocrypha left behind Andrew made sure to bring along to one of the best concerts of the year, thus far. Standing on a bare stage accompanied only by three spiraling phonographs, violin, guitar and two microphones this man layered sound like a world class baker layers cake. Sigh. The night consisted of music that was simple yet complex, a beautiful oxymoron. The evening ended with a little tune called "Dr. Stringz." Listen, look, laugh and enjoy!

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SonicRyan said...

Wow, great review/blurb.