Sunday, September 16, 2007

Live Pics: Blonde Redhead

9/13/07 - Bricktown Ballroom - Oklahoma City, OK

Despite the fact that the Bricktown Ballroom's neon sign attested that "Blond Redhead" was playing that night, I knew what I was really in for -- that's right, the best show I've heard with a sinus and/or inner ear infection since Wilco's 2005 Colombia jaunt. (Seriously people, "blonde" and "blond" are interchangeable, but not when it comes to a band name. For shame! I told you I'd do a write-up only an English teacher could produce.) Check out dese BR pics, along with a shameless shot of the Flaming Lips' Alley street sign (which can be found just outside the Bricktown Ballroom, and which reminds me I need to post those Lips' Uptown pics, too...).


Mandy said...

Great pics! Were you really close? How did your sis enjoy the show?

Femme Fatale said...

The OKC crowd kinda sucked, which was why we were able to get so close, but I'm not complaining about the view. I'm in love with Kazu. That pic of her hair thrashing incites me.

Joshwa said...

Kazu is amazing. Glad you liked the show. The giant horse was amazing.

Did you catch School of Seven Bells? Thoughts?

PS: did anyone dance at your show, or did they just stand around and mope?

Femme Fatale said...

I checked out a few Seven Bells songs before the show and liked them, but you were right, Joshwa -- they were incredible live. We were driving to OKC under a time crunch, so we couldn't catch the whole set... kicking myself.

Everyone at the show seemed in a really pissed off mood. When BR played "Spring and Summer By Fall" I was thrashing around, but I only saw a few heads nodding. Shameful!

I wish I could have gotten some good pics of Kazu's horse, or should I say "Equus"?