Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring Hymns (Revised)

Officially, the Spring season has yet to arrive, but you wouldn't know it if you've stepped outside the past couple of days. I, for one, couldn't be happier. I love both of the transitional seasons, and after this short but brutal winter we had I'm ready for a little warmth, a little more color on the ground and in the trees, maybe even a little rain and lightning.

One thing about the changing seasons that I find intriguing is how it affects what I listen to. I've had discussions about this with people before, and while it seems that everyone is affected the same way to a certain extent, I have come to the conclusion that the seasons affect me more than most.

Already I have taken notice to how the weather is affecting me. Just today I was suddenly in the mood to listen to Doves first album, Lost Souls.

If I had to pick one album to listen to for the entire season, it would probably be that. It makes sense why, I first heard the single "Catch the Sun" in March during Spring Break of 2001, and I bought the album a few weeks later. I listened to it for the first time at a friend's place with the windows open and a beautiful nighttime breeze blowing in the apartment. I also have fond memories of driving to Lawrence in similar weather with the windows down and the album playing at full blast, not saying a word to friends as we rode.

Another band I listen to more during this season than any other is Modest Mouse, especially the album Good News For People Who Love Bad News. While I can play Moon and Antarctica just about any time of the year, I find myself having a hard time playing Good News when the weather is cold, and certainly more in April than even July. I can also barely stand to listen to Building Nothing Out of Something unless is Spring.

Again, there are reasons for this as well. Good News came out in Spring of '04, and immediately my friends and I were hooked, as was the entire city of Lawrence. For a good three months you couldn't go anywhere in town without hearing that album; coffee shops, bars, clothing stores, record stores, parties, you name it. Good News still has the distinction of being the only album I've heard played straight through in its entirety at the Replay Lounge on the inside jukebox. As for Building Nothing, I bought it not long after Good News, because I was in need of anything Modest Mouse at the time.

There are others, believe me, but I'll stop here for now (see below). If you took the time to read this, feel free to share any of your Springtime favorites by leaving a comment.

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