Sunday, March 4, 2007

More Video Nostalgia!!!

Because I'm bored, here's three more videos from an era when MTV actually played music videos.

Video #1: Depeche Mode - "I Feel You"
This video actually does not get me as nostalgic as, say, "Enjoy the Silence", but to be fair I did see this video more than the former just because "Enjoy the Silence" was a little before my time. Watching this video now, I'm pretty confused as to why this video was given the green light. I'm sure the lingerie clad actress is part of the reason, but seriously, what the hell is Dave Gahan doing in this video? When he's not over emoting, he's over thrusting. I never want to do heroin.

Video #2: The Prodigy - "Firestarter"
Remember Amp, the late night electronic show MTV used to have? I can't remember which came first, this video or that show, but one definitely spawned the other (with maybe a little help from the Chemical Brothers), for better or worse. Actually, I don't mind older Prodigy as much. It wasn't until that joker started "singing" and started hogging all the screen time that things went seriously downhill. Also, there two things that bother me about this video. 1). Why is a British guy wearing a shirt that looks awfully similar to an American flag? 2). For a song called "Firestarter", the amount of actual fires in said video is poorly lacking.

Video #3: Orbit - "Medicine"
I had this party almost three years ago, and for the party I made 5 mix CDs (this was before iPods, or at least before everyone had one) to play for the party. In the middle, the party's centerpiece, was a mix of only 90s alternative rock songs. If you ask me, it was pretty fucking solid, and I put this song on it towards the end to get everyone rockin' out again. Only there was one problem, no one else remembered the song. Oh well. I can see why, after re-watching the video I honestly didn't remember much that happened, but the song still sticks out to me to this day. Then again, I am a softy for 90s alternative radio.

On a side note, I miss Matt Pinfield. That guy knew his shit, didn't he? In case you don't remember, he was the host of 120 Minutes in its later years (among other shows, but this was the one I remember the most). Around the same time TRL was in its early stages (and still called Total Request Live), and they would play a game with Matt called Stump the Matt or Take it to the Matt, something like that, where callers would call in with their questions and try to stump him. I saw him lose only once. The guy was a genius, he knew how to spell Bjork's last name without prompting (its Gudmundsdottir, and is probably missing some umlauts, in case you were wondering). Anyhow, I can't reminisce about old music videos without giving at least a thought to Matt Pinfield, and Kurt Loder, and Kennedy, and...

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