Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nostalgic Music Video of the Day: Green Day - "Basket Case"

I remember being pretty young when I got this album, on cassette . I was in 6th grade I believe, but maybe 5th. Young, either way. I remember not really understanding what the lyrics meant. Why would he go to a whore to complain, and what exactly is a whore anyhow? My mother was surely pleased with that inquiry. Actually, I never had to ask, she had already explained a few years earlier after she overheard the "nature is a whore" lyric while I was listening to my Nirvana cassette. I tried to tell her he was saying "horror", and she bought it, or at least pretended to buy it in hopes that allowing me to be my own censor when it came to purchasing music would prove to be more fruitful than if she prohibited certain albums for me.

Boy, was she wrong! Rock and roll warped my brain.

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