Monday, March 12, 2007

Nostalgic Music Video of the Day: Ugly Kid Joe - "I Hate Everything About You"

Where do I begin with this song? I guess the memories first.

I chose this song in honor of Spring Break (which technically hasn't started yet for me, but who cares...), in honor of college basketball and March Madness. One of my first Spring Break memories is of watching basketball deep into the night, and pretty much all week. This was my introduction into the world of March Madness, and I loved it. I loved the upsets, the insanity and absurdity of it all. Once the games started winding down, I flipped the channel over to MTV to catch some of their spring break coverage (to have the channel away from MTV was, back then, nothing short of a minor miracle). Back then, when MTV actually showed videos, they'd put the VJ's in some exotic location with a bunch of scantily clad college students and let them loose. They'd also set up a stage and let some bands play too, and I remember seeing Ugly Kid Joe play on one of the shows. For some reason, I really liked them.

Listening to the song now, well, I'm a little embarrassed. More embarrassed to say I owned this tape than I am about anything else, even Snow. This song is terrible with a capital T (Terrible!). The lyrics are shit, the contradictions many ("I hate the beach and sunny weather". Dude, you're filming on location, AT THE BEACH!@!@), and the breakdown near the end may or may not have spawned rap metal. I'm not sure, either way, its really fucking bad.

But still, this song forever means Spring Break, for better or worse.

One more thing, I totally forgot this video included clips from Wayne's World. I guess it was on the soundtrack? I haven't seen that movie in ages, I think I'm long overdue to watch it again. Any takers?

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