Friday, January 12, 2007


I use this term to describe certain things that need time to "grow on me", most often when describing songs or albums, but on ocassion movies, television shows, food, beverages, cysts, and so forth.

Well, the new Shins album is growing on me. Each time I listen to it I like it more than the last. This is a good sign. Most of my favorite albums were growers at some point. Take a look.

Radiohead - Ok Computer, Kid A, Hail to the Thief
All three of those Radiohead albums took at least a month to sink in, and Kid A didn't strike me until after Amnesiac was released. I'm not sure why, they are all fantastic albums, but I suspect that none of them were quite what I had expected at the time of their release, and as a result needed more time to digest them.

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
I hated this band for at least a year. This coffee shop I used to visit regularly before I was 21 played the shit out of them, but never in sequential order, which I feel was part of the hinderance. Also, the speakers were bad, and Jeff Mangums voice on "Two-Headed Boy" was especially difficult to endure. It wasn't until I heard the album in order (at another coffee shop a few blocks, of course) that I kinda sorta started to like it. That soon turned into an obsession.

Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
I loved the first few songs ("Obstacle 1" especially) immediately, but always seem to let my mind wander somewhere after "Say Hello to the Angels", which I know is a mistake because this album really shines once all the "hits" have played.

So yeah, new Shins album is growing on me.

PS. Tickets for their shows go on sale this Saturday.

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