Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Cliff Notes Version of my First Post

This is my second attempt at creating a post for this page, and I sincerely hope it goes better than the first. For those who care, my initial post explained what I'm about, this blog is and hopes to be about, and sorta rambled on into the sunset. However, for some strange reason, my blog was deemed unpostable. I checked to make sure all of the links I had intended to use were working, which they were, and still no dice. After dicking around for what seemed like hours, I gave up in a cloud of expletives. Rather than do that all over again, I'm leaving this diatribe and a half drunken promise to make the effort to explain who I am, what I want this blog to achieve, etc etc etc all over again sometime down the road. Just consider this the Twin Peaks of blogging*, only with less backwards talking....for now.

*Apparently the Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD set does not contain the pilot episode, and sorta starts off where it left off. I've never actually confirmed this rumor, though it would probably be easy to do since several of my friends own the DVD set. Honestly, I don't care enough to find out if I'm wrong. Take that respectable journalism!

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