Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back everyone (you know, all three of you...). Not that I was anywhere in particular, but I digress. Here are some random thoughts to hold us all over until I get my camera working and (hopefully) start getting some pics of the upcoming shows I'm attending.

I really want to go buy the new Of Montreal right now. It will probably have to wait until Wednesday (otherwise known as payday), but to hold me over I've been visiting my new favorite site, The Hype Machine to get a quick fix. A lot has been said about "The Past is a Grotesque Animal", and for good reason. I'll admit its a little redundant musically, especially at over 12 minutes long, but just listening to Kevin Barnes clean out his emotional closet like that gave me chills. "She's a Rejecter" installs a similar feeling. I'm going to have a hard time dancing to these songs, that's not true. I'll be drunk.

The Camera Obscura show two nights ago was great. I'm kinda sick, so the smoky Record Bar was a little much for my already damaged lungs, but the bands (Pony Up was the opener) were both fantastic. Camera Obscura played mostly new material, so old die hards were probably a little put off by the set, but I LOVE the new album so I was happy.

Tomorrow night at the Record Bar is the final Golden Republic show. I'm going, but not for them (yawn). My buds in Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are opening, so look for me there early. If you don't already know, Baby Birds are my favorite local band right now. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, even if they are a three-piece now. Saturday is Dosh in Lawrence, but I won't be there. Wish I could go.

The new Arcade Fire is great. Not as good as Funeral, and definitely a grower, but man, what a grower. If you've ever wondered what the Arcade Fire would sound like if they covered Bruce Springsteen, you'll be pleasantly surprised with a few tracks.

Go Hawks! 97-70.

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