Thursday, January 11, 2007

I *Heart* New York

Okay, so this was probably a drunken promise made by an acquaintance and I really probably should NOT be getting worked up over anything, but I can't help it and I'm going to tell all of you anyway.

As we all know (and we do, I think, since the only people I've told about this blog so far are friends) Justin has been in this band for a few months. They're called Well, Gentlemen, and they're pretty good. Granted, I don't know how I came to that opinion because their one show, and therefore my one and only time hearing them, was so loud at times it was pretty much a wall of static Regardless, I liked what I could actually pick out of the mess and I have good faith that Justin wouldn't be wasting his time in a band if they weren't any good. Plus Mark (vocals, guitar, socialite) has tons of band experience (he was in Ghosty, which isn't exactly a major claim to fame, but I think everyone reading this blog has at least heard of them), seems to know everyone in Lawrence, and is very motivated and always creating something (music, art, etc) it seems.

Well, Mark is from Philadelphia, which is close to New York, and has friends in both cities (another minor claim to fame, he's friends with Ryan, er, Honus Honus from Man Man). Mark went back to Philly for the holidays, but is back in Lawrence now. I ran into him last night and overheard him tell Justin there's a remote possibility they could have a gig in New York. A few too many drinks into the night I finally asked Mark if I could tag along if they do end up playing this out of town gig. His reply was something along the lines of, "shit man, you can just play with us."

Cue the church organ, the parting of the clouds, a sunbeam enveloping my body, and me peeing myself in front of a crowd of people.

Again, I know this is a long shot. Both Mark and the other guy (whose name I can never remember) are in school, and school prevented them from playing some shows in town, let alone in New York. Still, I can't describe the feeling I had. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless.

A quick aside:
I went to Best Buy today to redeem my gift card and found out they have a ton of wonderful DVD Series' on sale for $20! I picked me up some Arrested Development Season 1 and, I know you're going to laugh but I'll say it anyway, The X-Files Season 1. That's right, I'm a nerd. Beam me up, Scottie.

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