Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Sigur Ros Album Due Out June 24 (Updated at 2 PM by Sonic Ryan)

...which means it should be available on your favorite bit torrent site any day now! Let's hope the new album is as balls-out (literally) as this album art.

And did I mention there will be one track sung in English? Does anyone else worry it might suck? Or maybe, it just will sound exactly the same? (Maybe the lyrics will be, "I saw you... I saw you... I saw you...")

Now I must return to ransacking my house for the SR tickets I held in my beloved hands for one day before losing them. If any Olathe garbage collectors happen upon them, I will reward you handsomely for their safe return. Perhaps you can be my date?

Head over to Sigur Rós' website to snag a high quality mp3 of the album's first single, "Gobbledigook." While you're there, watch the balls out video for the song, unless you're at work, then you may want to wait until you get home. No, Femme, it doesn't suck, nor does it sound like Sigur Rós as we've come to know and love them. If anything, it sounds like Sigur Rós just picked up a copy of Sung Tongs and decided to have some fun with acoustic guitars. Is this their freak-folk record? Find out on June 24, when the album hits stores in North America. Or, pre-order the album from their website starting on June 2, and get access to an mp3 download a week early. Let's not forget Sigur Rós are playing at the Uptown Theater on June 12. Tickets are still available, and you'd be crazy not to pick one up if you haven't already.


Girlfriend said...

I like naked people.

cole said...

This is fucking crazy awesome. Dear God. D E A R G O D.

And I just found my tickets after nearly a week of searching!!!!

p.s. i didn't think this song would suck, it's the one with lyrics in English that i'm afraid of. if it sounds like this, though, they can be saying gobbledigook for all i care. hahahaha

SonicRyan said...

Yeah, I totally misinterpreted your post Nicole, sorry.

I'm digging this song too. Hearing Sigur Ros branch out of their usual mold is very exciting, even if the whole freak-folk thing has kind of run its course. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole album.

Jeffery said...

Ticketmaster called me yesterday and I guess the post office sent my tickets back to them as undeliverable?!?!? So now they are just going to be waiting for me at will-call...

weird though?!?!?

Femme Fatale said...

That's good news, though! At least they aren't being dicks about it.