Friday, May 16, 2008

Have You Heard?
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Obsessions come and go in the world of Femme Fatale. Currently I'm obsessed with Cut Copy's '80s homage, In Ghost Colours. Think New Wave and Post-Punk. Think Disco and Dance Party. Think The Rapture done up in polka dots. Through all this, there’s even a track that evokes Fleetwood Mac (“Strangers in the Wind”). It might sound like the album would be all over the place, but somehow this Australian trio makes it work.

If you're like me and ready for a new dance album, this is the one.

Dare I say they'll Cut Copy and Paste themselves into your heart? Yes, I so totally said that.


Mandy♥ said...

Love this album! I agree it's a great dance album and satisfies Mandy's insane 80s craving.

Girlfriend said...

Fan-fucking-tastic! Andre and I have been dancing to these guys all morning.

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