Friday, May 2, 2008

Album Review:
Portishead - Third

Portishead's first album in ten years has been in my possession for some time now, but it was only until recent weeks that I truly began to appreciate it. Who could have guessed the trip-hop trio would turn all ROCK on us?

So I might as well admit I've been cheating. I know what you're thinking. So that's why she doesn't feel like putting out for Range Life anymore. Well, stay tuned. Summer beckons, and with it, much time to wax poetic/nostalgic/nerd-like.

Bop on over here and read my thoughts on Third.

BTW, Buzzine doesn't score their albums, but I would have given it an 84%. Just read the review!


Joshwa said...

yay buzzine

yay cheating

The Moon said...

I throughly enjoy the new album as well! Though I didn't have to warm up to it the way others may have since Im not quite as die hard a fan...

I'm not sure why but I find myself compelled to urge others to listen to the "Thee More Shallows"... I suggest "More Deep Cuts"