Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MBV Announces First U.S. Show in 16 Years; I'm Scrounging for $225

Seriously, just when I was convinced all those MBV reunion stories were mere myth, now the band has announced it will play a boutique festival organized by ATP. I'm all in a tizzy. The NY festival is scheduled for Sept. 19-21. The rest of the lineup (there's more?) features Built to Spill, Low, Tortoise, Mogwai, your mom (just kidding), and many others.

But, did I mention again that it's in New York, and that tickets are $225 PLUS FEES?


A priceless concert just got a whole lot, well, pricier.

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SonicRyan said...

Built to Spill aren't just there, they're playing Perfect From Now On in its entirety. And Tortoise is playing all of Millions Now Living..., and Thurston Moore is playing Psychic Hearts (which isn't nearly as exciting as SY playing Daydream, but I think I'll manage).

I think I'm going to try and get tickets.