Friday, April 4, 2008

Concert Announcement: Spoon (Again!)

If you were in that impossible line of free passholders wrapped round the side of the Uptown Wednesday night (did they all make it in??), you'll be pleased to know Spoon is returning to the KC/Lawrence area with a 4/20 show at Liberty Hall.

Tickets $22 (when purchased at L.H. window). Show at 7 p.m. And guys, after that show Wednesday night, trust me, you'll want to be there. Who knew "The Ghost of You Lingers" would kick that much ass live?

Plus, it's 4/20... As Mr. Daniel would say, "You got a new bag of pot... that's the way to my heart."

P.S. Check out my oh-so-shitty camera pic from the 4/2 show. Take that, bastard who made me take my camera to the car!


SonicRyan said...

If yer smart you'll head over to the Replay afterwards to catch The Dodos, whose new album Visiter is quite lovely. Catch them for $2 (rough estimate) at a tiny venue while you still can.

The Moon said...

How were the Walkman & White Rabbits?

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