Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Thoughts from a Drunken Built to Spill Fan on St. Patrick's Day

Dammit, tickets are $20. The door guy says this is their third or fourth song. But I could also see it being their first, knowing BTS songs. Maybe this guy is an idiot.

[Pays $20.]

Shit, there are a lot of people here. I can't see anything. I am going to try to weasel my way up the side. Wait, I don't know this song. This is a good time to attend to matters.

[Runs to bathroom. Thinks about peeing during that '03 East Troy show, while Thom Yorke croons, "Rain down, come on rain down, on me" in the background. Thinks, this is why you don't drink before shows.]

[Tries to weasel way up front.]

Dammit, these people aren't letting me weasel. I can't see. Maybe these tech guys will let me sit on these giant speaker-type things? [Has husband lift her up.] Wow, this view is awesome. No one has said anything yet. Play it cool.

Yay, "Liar" is one of my favorites off You in Reverse.

I hope their new album is better.

I don't know this song. Doug says it's a cover. It rocks.

I don't know this song.

Shit, I'm never going to remember this setlist.

[Asks tech guy if it's OK I'm sitting up here. He says yes.]

Good, since I've already been sitting up here for twenty minutes already. If I take a few pictures, will that be taking it too far?

[Takes a few pictures.]

Dammit, these pictures suck.

Dammit, they're playing "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss." Which means we won't hear "The Weather."

I think the tech guy is getting in trouble for letting me sit up here.

[Offers apologetic smile. Climbs down.]

Man, I hope when I am a middle-aged bald person I will be this cool.

"Carry the Zero." Never a disappointment.

Doug is a god.

They are saying "Thank you, Kansas City," which means the show is fake-over already. Why haven't they played anything from Perfect from Now On? Dammit, they probably opened with it. "Randy Described Eternity... I Could Harm a Fly... Kicked It In the Sun..." Dammit dammit dammit, Nicole.

Yay, they didn't make me clap too long!

Yay, they are playing "Velvet Waltz." That's the one that says, "left it in the sun," not to be confused with "Kicked it in the Sun." They're screwing with us drunks and our ability to remember setlists.

Wow, they are dragging this one out. The old people are leaving. They can't handle twenty-minute renditions of kick-ass songs. They need to get home to their wives and nursery-rhyme-ready kids and the cold side of the bed.

I'm going to steal their spot.

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