Monday, March 17, 2008

Featured Concert:
Built to Spill

It may be Monday, but it's St. Patty's Day, so let that weekend bender endure! If you need another excuse to play chicken with alcoholism, seasoned rockers Built to Spill are coming to KC's Madrid Theatre tonight. Everyone, let's get built to spill some green beer on ourselves.

On a side note, perhaps we shouldn't get TOO crazy. Remember what happened the last time BTS played the Madrid in '06? Doug personally kicked out a drunken buffoon for, you know, being a drunken buffoon. Here's hoping the band won't mind a little rowdier crowd tonight -- and maybe we can expect a rowdy set to go along with it.

If you ain't into the guitar god thang, you can also check out the legendary Slits at Lawrence's Replay Lounge, or Man Man at the Jackpot (or even better, Islands/Man Man tomorrow night in Columbia).

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Zach said...

You, fan of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, will enjoy what Doug was wearing last night. The photos will be up later today.