Friday, March 21, 2008

First Listen Friday: M83, The Honeydrips

It's the last Friday of Spring Break. I'm at home. The NCAA tournament is in full swing. There's a case of Miller Lite in the fridge.

And I'm feeling a little dancey.

M83 - "Graveyard Girl" and Couleurs"

Anthony Gonzalez talks on his Myspace about wanting to record an album that reflected growing up in the 80s, hanging with friends, experimenting with drugs, and listening to Cocteau Twins.

"Graveyard Girl" is the first single from the 4/15 release Saturdays=Youth (Don't you just love that title?).

The lyrics speak of a young girl, you guessed it, roaming a cemetery at night and wanting to "be a part of it." The spoken word segment midway through the song sums up its themes: "I'm fifteen years old and I feel like it's too late to live. Don't you?" The transition leading into the eight-minute "Couleurs" is flawless. And while the latter track takes the album into much more ambient territory, it's a welcome change for this listener, whose favorite M83 album is still Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts.

The Honeydrips - "Trying Something New" and "Fall From a Height"

I'd been hearing about The Honeydrips ever since their Jan. 10 release -- particularly on P4K, which gave Here Comes the Future a respectable 8.4. (I found the following comment in Marc Hogan's review somewhat of a challenge: "As with the Field Mice, the Honeydrips will be anathema to some, especially those who conflate bravery with balls, the avant-garde with equipment-measuring, or sex with conquest.")

Well, dear reader, do you equate bravery with balls? Do you?


Hackworth Artifex said...

When I see someone do something that I'm terribly afraid to do, I call them "brave." It might not have been particularly frightening for them at all, and so that kind of bravery is externally subjective.

If there's an objective gauge for bravery, I guess it would have to be the extent to which someone is willing to help others without regard for their own well being. In that sense, the empathetic suicidal person is the bravest.

It seems to me that real bravery lies in conquering your own fears. To do what you instinctually feel is right in spite of your own mental or emotional barriers.

It may or may not be located in the testicles.

BTW, the kid/mom talking during "Fall From a Height" is a scene from Woody Allen's "Annie Hall."

And M83's shit is tight.

The Moon said...

I've been trying to get the Honeydrips album for months now and can't find it anywhere!!!

Joshwa said...

The new M83 album feels like something I should've discovered in high school. Now, though, I get this welcome bit of faux nostalgia.

Highly recommended.